Stallion, Bay, KWPN, 2005


Ampère 2008/2009:

Ampère 2009:

Ampère is a world class champion stallion. This eye-catching stallion steels the show wherever he steps into the spotlight. It all started when he left the arena as the most expensive foal at the foal auction Borculo.

In February 2008 at the stallion show Den Bosch he made the hearts of many spectators beat faster and became the convincing champion of the stallionshow. After that the breathtaking brown stallion became the undeniable winner of the 70 day performance test in Ermelo. Dream scores mark his extraordinary qualities: walk 8, trot 9, canter 9.5, suppleness 9, self carriage & balance 8.5, ridability and work ethics 9, talent for dressage 9. Test riders described the stallion as the best stallion in years.

The exemplary stallion presents himself extremely well with overwhelming and striking charm, a beautiful neck and a breathtaking body. Over and over again he convinces jury members and spectators with his brilliant type combined with three fantastic basic gaits. With his modern riding horse type Ampère has proven the title Top Stud to be justified.

Ampère’s sire, Rousseau has had three stallion champion sons in a row. Rousseau himself was silver medallist at the World Championship for young horses in 2003.

The dam’s father Flemmingh is the sire of many Grand Prix horses like Krack C under Anky van Grunsven and Lingh with rider Edward Gal. Mother Larivola has the predicate “keur”. Out of the dam line descent many successful dressage –and jumping horses like the approved stallions Mythos (s. Mythens xx) and Gringo (s. Ramiro).

Ampère does not produce chestnuts.

Update February 2017:

Ampère now resides at the stable of his owner, Mr. Fritz Kundrun, in the USA.

Ampère has more than proven himself as a breeding stallion. He produced numerous approved sons, top class breeding mares and successful sporthorses.

Stud fees:

  • Start €300 + €1200 in foal (ex vat)

There is limited frozen semen available of Ampère. For more information: Bas Reesink +31 (0)6-13804033

The prices/packages may vary for ICSI and ET. Please enquire for further details.

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